Mike Beighey

Mike has been fishing along side me for years. I convinced Mike to get a pontoon boat after having to turn many people away whenI was booked every day during peak season of 2008. Since then Mike has shared some of his secrets with me and with over 80 years combined experience you're sure to catch lots of fish.

Todd Wittwer

Todd is at Shaver Lake April 15 - Oct 20th Contact Kokanee.net
Todd has been fishing for trout and Kokanee on Bass Lake for over 30 years and has been guiding at Bass Lake since 2000, With thousands of happy customers from all over the world. I want to be more than a fishing guide for the day, I like to teach anglers how to fish with downriggers and how to use other fishing equipment like fishfinders and GPS units. I allow the anglers the chance to help as little or as much as they want. This will help them become better fishermen on not only Bass Lake, but on other lakes as well.