The Fish at Bass Lake, California

Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout are the only two species that we guide for.


The table fare of the Kokanee Salmon baked, grilled or smoked is comparable to the same quality of Fresh Sockeye Salmon from Alaska.

Kokanee Salmon become active mid May and use to provide a great summertime fishery at Bass Lake. The peak months for Kokanee are June, July and August is when they peak in size. We jig for them through September just for fun. By then the Salmon are red and are released to spawn.

Rainbow Trout fishing at Bass Lake is good through the winter and great in the spring to early summer. March through June our boats will typically hook up with 20 plus fish in the morning hours. It's up to you to land them and decide if you are keeping or releasing.


Rainbow Trout that we catch can range from a half pound 12 inch to a 24 inch 6 pounder! The Department of Fish & Game plants Rainbow trout from mid November through April pending water temp and other conditions. Most Rainbow fishing is done during the spring to early summer, then the water gets too warm and drives the remainder of the trout to deeper water or the creek areas with cool oxygenated water feeding the lake. Rainbows average 12 to 16 inches with some hold over trout going 16-24 inches.

Bass Lake produced some of the largest Kokanee Salmon in California every year  You will see a few Kokanee fishing boats out fishing with us every morning for this aggressive striking, hard-fighting aerobatic speed demon that is fighting for his life. Once hooked these powerful fish are a challenge for even the most skilled angler. With a Kokanee Salmon landing ratio of 50%-80% for most anglers, these trips are alot of fun for all ages. 

Kokanee Salmon are a fresh water derivative of the Sockeye Salmon that hold in 50-56 degree water. They have an arctic bluish green back with silver side and whitish bellies. They primarily feed on plankton and will attack lures to protect their food source.

Kokanee Salmon will be bright chrome until about August of their third year of life. Around the first week of August is when they start getting pinkish-gray and the scales start disappearing; this is when they really put up a great fight. By the end of August they start turning red as they stop eating and school together to get ready to spawn.

Kokanee Salmon Fishing with Guide Mike Beighey

"We went Kokanee Salmon fishing at Bass Lake with guide Mike Beighey and caught limits. A Bald Eagle swooped down and picked off a fish struggling on the surface. It was a great trip and Mike is an excellent guide."

Information For The Ladies

A ladies room is usually less than ten minutes away from fishing. There are facilities at the boat ramp , Miller's, The Forks Resort and new bathrooms at the Bass Lake Sheriff's Tower .The advance time I need to run to a "Ladies Room" is ten minutes or so. Multiple visits are fine, as you are in charge, and not the fellow you're fishing with even though he may think he is.